2nd Saturday done for september – Essen draws closer…

As the Autumn air chills and the leaves brown and start to tumble, a gamer’s thoughts naturally turn to Essen. Oh glittering city of wondrous adamtine spires, your sumptious gardens of pleasure call out their siren song across the waters. Though we may resist, our restraint is merely a sham, for we all yearn to be in your bosom once more.

Another record attendance last Saturday, 41 people of all descriptions playing modern games all day. The top game had to be Basari which got three separate plays during the day. It’s a top game for three players, very nicely balanced with lots of double-think. We also had visitors from oop north, Gareth & Nick from the notorious Newcastle Gamers, and they brought some new games from Russia, including Evolution: The Origin Of Species (check it in the photos), which is a quick card game about evolving. Also popular was Zooloretto with 2 plays in the day, and Paul brought Quarriors back in, which got good comments. The new Martin Wallace game A Few Acres Of Snow was played again, and Dungeon Lords had another run out. It’s a harder game to pick up but gaining ground with us.

Here’s the rest we played; Railroad Tycoon with the expansion Railways Of The Western U.S.; Struggle Of Empires another Wallace game; Thief Of Baghdad one of my favourites, easy to play but hard to get the win; Carcassonne: The Discovery a really nice variant if you like Carc; Inkognito an older deduction game, Robert loves it but your Chairperson struggles; Power Grid with the USA map; Forbidden Island one of our top games, always being played at BM!; Ticket To Ride; The Resistance still popular and much better in its quieter format; Hey! That’s My Fish!; …aber bitte mit Sahne freshly whipped fun; Heckmeck; League Of Six which Helen won by being frightfully devious and cunning and scheming; Nuns On The Run, those naughty novices are still tempting gamers; Pitchcar + Expansion; My Word!; WobBally; Elkfest previously scorned by Robert who now exalts its flicking fantasticosity; Agricola; Race For The Galaxy; Kahuna; GiftTRAP we’ve not got the new edition yet; Hamsterrrolle a gravity defying game; Ingenious; Railways Of The World Card Game; Kreta a top placement game by Stefan Dorra, unknown since it didn’t get a US release; Die Saulen Von Venedig another top game that didn’t get translated, thankfully Paul had a nice deck of cards in English made for us; Airships; Vabanque; Pillars Of The Earth; Where’s Bob’s Hat?; Zatre; LeCardo, another fun word game. And of course, many many more.

Next session is this coming Friday, Final Friday evening at the Harlequin Coffee House in town.


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