1st Wednesday 7th september 2011 is after saturday

This Wednesday 7th September 2011 we are back at the Railway Institute from 5pm to play some wonderful games because it is 1st Wednesday. There will be no food served in the bar. And so to last Saturday, when we had another 41 count them 41 people in, matching the best we had in 2008. We are getting near Essen in October and then the close of the year. At this rate, we could see over 900 people to our regular Saturday meets, not counting the 1st Wednesdays and now Final Fridays too. We’ve been given a fourth metal cabinet now, and we will start filling that with more games. In fact, we bought some great games from an old friend of the club, Andy, including the excellent San Marco, one of the best 3 player games going, and another Knizia classic placement game, Samurai. Andy’s selling off some games through the club, more on that later. We played a ton of stuff on Saturday. The hot hot hot game right now has got to be Nuns On The Run which we played a least three times, and yes we will be buying a club copy. Chris has identified some errors in our understanding of the rules, so it will be interesting to play this again soon to give it a proper run out. We played another hunting game, Letters From Whitechapel, with a slightly more grim theme, but another interesting set of ideas. If you’ve enjoyed playing Scotland Yard or Garibaldi, then Letters From Whitechapel will appeal. Phoenix a very nice abstract 2 player game we got from Andy; The Resistance only played once HE’S A SPY!; Race For the Galaxy played twice; Niagara the great waterfall game, such a clever mechanism; Queen’s Necklace one game I cannot stand but heyho; Age Of Renaissance played for wait for it NINE HOURS; Traders Of Carthage still under-rated; Ticket To Ride always popular SdJ winner; FITS sort of Tetris like game sort of; Flussfieber tricky but fun on the river; Agricola subsistence farming fun; Blue Moon City interesting game, not a co-op but it pays to work together; Power Boats we really must play all three races sometime; Puerto Rico another classic regular; A Few Acres Of Snow a recent wargame, we do have them now and again; Ra another game I just cannot stick but plenty like it; Marrakech played twice the game with carpets that looks like a kids’ game; Burg Appenzell top mouse cheese chasing; Basari excellent bidding game for three; Adios Amigos one of the fastest speed games out there; Mr Jack played twice, always good and tricky; Hare & Tortoise another classic SdJ winner from waaaay back; 6 Nimmt played twice, I was hammered through no fault… ; Pillars Of The Earth Robert likes this a lot; Citadels another one I cannot stand, mainly since I get picked on a lot; Paris Connection yet to play this very new game; The Adventurers dice-roller but a hoot; Die Mauer we have a copy of this excellent bluffing game; Biblios aka Scripts & Scribes, build your Scriptorium; Snow Tails from the notorious Lamonts, husky racing; Pitchcar with Expansion, I’m betting Chris lead this one; What’s My Word? nice 2 player word game, now on iOS; Palais Royale finished in a high-scoring tie; Hacienda herds of pigs crossing the Pampas???; No Thanks quick little card game; Dungeon Lords long game growing in favour with us; Kingsburg was still being played as we left after 8pm; and many many more.


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