who we did on our holidays

Lots of our regulars were away on Saturday, but we still had 26 people in, so it was nice and busy all day. And, er, that’s it really. Lots of coppers outside because of the naughty race-goers. And some crafty detectives inside too.

We played loads of things, like Zatre which Chris did not enjoy despite scoring well, pity as it’s one of my favourite abstracts; In The Year Of The Dragon a bit obscure but a clever game; Railways Of England And Wales, the expansion for Railroad Tycoon; Mr Jack; Flussfieber; Basket Boss Robert demoed this one again and it was praised again; Ruse & Bruise forgotten how simple and fiendish this little card game is; Niagara; King Of The Elves played fully and it’s a grower; Cartagena; Luna brought in by Mike, was it good?; Alien Frontiers also from Mike and popular on BGG; Clans is an oldie but goodie; Alhambra; Aqua Romana another older game from Queen but a good one too, needs more plays; Ticket To Ride Marklin must be our most popular version, gets played a lot; Garibaldi: La Trafila OH THE MISERY!! how did they catch poor Garibaldi???, and worst of all, it was Nathanael whot done it gnash gnash wail wail; Thunderstone; Boomtown Robert likes this one whereas I do not; Condottiere; Winner’s Circle; Once Upon A Time is a story-telling game, very odd; The Adventurers a real luckfest but fun, there’s a new edition coming out soon; Dominion; Puerto Rico; Louis XIV another one I really can’t stick but everyone else likes it; The Isle Of Dr. Necreaux a hard co-op dice-roller with a nice sci-fi theme; Adel Verplicht; League Of Six excellent Czech game now over-looked, the bidding method is really interesting; Galaxy Trucker another hot Czech game that’s fallen off the radar. And many many more….

Next meeting is this Friday, Final Friday at the Harlequin Coffee House from 5pm. Plus, we have some top secret news that somehow got leaked on our Twitter feed. You will be pleased when you find it out.


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