catch up on our last meets, wednesday & saturday

Just an update on our last two meets. 1st Wednesday has been running for over a year now. We still have not reached 20 people in an evening but the numbers are creeping up slowly, with 17 last week. Given how many people work in town, at East Coast Rail or Aviva, it’s a pity more don’t pop along straight from work. We’re in the RI from 5pm, and the bar opens at 6pm, so you could easily get some gaming in before heading home. And now we have the room till 10.30pm, a good 5 hours gaming for just a quid. Can’t make a 1st Wednesday evening? Well we have also started Final Friday.

Saturday’s meet was excellent, yet another y-o-y record with 41 people, up 30% on the previous 5 years. We keep saying it, more people, means more choice, means more chance to play what you want.

And er… that’s it. Here’s what we played and see you on Saturday 20th August 2011 bright and early.

On the Wednesday, first up was DJR, a prototype deduction game from China which we can’t talk about, Airships how Italy managed to beat the marvellous French engineers cannot be adequately explained, Nuns On Run, very well received co-op, Stone Age, Perudo, Tobago won convincingly by a masterful display of pure skill, Shadows Over Camelot, Winner’s Circle, Who’s The Ass?, and finally Zatre, normal service was resumed with Keith being pasted.

Quite a mix on Saturday of the heavyweight and the quick fillers. Lots of games got played 2 or 3 times in the day and we didn’t finish until 10pm. Feuer Schlucker played twice, a curious Knizia card game with players developing tactics as the game went on, this was the old edition, now released as big breath Reiner Knizia’s Amazing Flea Circus, Chinatown a hard-nosed trading game, Agricola played three times in the day, Dungeon Lords another long game, hard to learn but players love it, Small World, Settlers Of Catan, Helen coasted easily to a clear win whilst Col made error after error, bad Col!, 7 Wonders + Leaders got three plays too, we don’t have a club copy yet, we’ll see if it lasts the course, Basket Boss, a Cwali game from 2 years back, very well received after Robert coached it, the players all liked it, Who’s The Ass?, Zozzle a teeny tiny memo game that gets loads of play with us, a unnamed prototype dice race from Chris which was very interesting, Elk Fest a fun little flicking game, The Resistance for many long loud hours, two games on at once, two groups shouting HE’S A SPY!!! over and over and over, Times Square, Euphrat and Tigris another of the modern classic heavy games, Balloon Cup, Cash n Guns, Citadels, Attika an unusual resource game not many have played, Knightmare Chess 2 not to be confused with Knightmare Chess, Tikal gorgeous looking game but Mark was given an easy time, Roll Through The Ages, Ticket To Ride Marklin, Barbara gave everyone a severe kicking here, nearly lapping the last player who’s identity shall remain secret Nathaniel, Traders Of Carthage a severely under-rated game from Japan, much more interesting than reviews make out, Pandemic, Scotland Yard ohforgoodnesssakewhenwhenwhenwillIbeatthem!!! Mr X lasted longer this time but was still outwitted. Damn you Nathaniel! Next time, you’ll have to find Garibaldi, Atlantis, Mark won by thrashing out a very fast finish, Dixit, Apache, Basari, Cartagena, Shadow Hunters, and of course, many many more.


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