15th Mind Sports Olympiad – london august 20th-28th 2011

In years gone by, your esteemed club chairperson, as our nation’s leading Zatre player*, has competed for the UK** at the Mind Sports Olympiad (MSO) in London. It’s a big gaming event over several days of serious but fun competitive events for medals. The games played are mostly abstracts or traditional games, but there is a big mix and many publishers use the MSO events for their World Championships. The MSO draws players from all over the world and most gamers have a decent crack at winning. Each contest is properly adjudicated, and players can build up points over several events to win Pentamind (5) and Decamentathalon (10) medals too.

It’s a great event, aiming to raise awareness of gaming and treat games as serious sports. After all, a sport is merely a game taken seriously, and with Chess and Bridge approaching the commercial Olympics, the MSO is another reason to promote the benefits of gaming. Have a look at the timetable of events and see if you can get up to the Smoke and play for your national pride.

* More by being the only active player in Britain than having actual talent.
** I played well and beat some of the more experienced foreign players, but didn’t win a medal.


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