Final Friday – new extra evening session in town Harlequin Cafe – friday 29th july 2011 5pm

We’ve just agreed to start a new evening session in town at the Harlequin Coffee House in King’s Square, York (just near Barnetts). This will be on the Final Friday each month from 5pm till late and is in addition to our normal meets. We are starting this Friday, 29th July 2011 at 5pm. So now you have four count them FOUR chances to play modern eurogames in York. And now you have two count them TWO separate and different evening sessions. And you have zero count them ZERO excuses left.

The Harlequin is a lovely tea room upstairs above the square (over Ladbrokes), and then up the next flight is The Attic, which will serve us all night with superb coffee, tea, food, and amazing beers, ales and ciders, both local and imported. We don’t have an online menu, but with snacks from £1.50, food from £3.70, coffee from £1.60 and 50cl beers from £3.25, the menus are very reasonable. This is a going to be a real treat, there’s some pretty special stuff on offer. Our hosts Gordon and Sarah are very friendly and savvy, plus they can order in your favourites for you as well.

We will have the main room for the evening, and the tables are a good size for us. The chairs are padded and we can get some cushions in so it will be very comfy. No loud music, no dim lighting, it all looks very good for gamers. There’s room to lock up your bike round the corner on St Andrewgate. Harlequin Coffee House is at 2 King’s Square, York, North Yorkshire YO1 8BH, tel 01904 630 631.

Remember, our current sessions at the RI will remain unchanged. This is a new bonus session for BM! at the end of each month. If it progresses well, we could expand it later.

Thank you Andrew for the suggestion.


2 thoughts on “Final Friday – new extra evening session in town Harlequin Cafe – friday 29th july 2011 5pm

    • BMYork says:

      It went very well, considering the short notice. We need more people to bring more known games next time. There will be a blog item soonish but no photos.

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