another 41 gamers played at least 46 games. must find fresh synonyms for “record breaking year”

We often get asked about prototypes, can I bring my prototype game to BM! and play test it? One game played on Saturday was Spin Dice, designed by our own Chris, a quick game of spinning dice (see the photos below). That’s a fast, easy game, the kind of thing players are happy to try out on the spot. But if a game is longer or more complex, then players may not want to try it out. Some people come a long way to BM! and want to play finished, published games. Please come along, try the club out, find out what we’re like, and then decide if your prototype will fit in. If you’re local, then maybe set up a play-test session one evening and ask the club to help. We can send out an email or blog it here and help you find testers.

This week, we had a walloping 41 people in the club, which is a huge number for July. And it was good to see more people taking on the coaching role. We’ve got a stack of games that don’t get played often enough. WE NEED YOU! We need you to take home games to learn, practise explaining them and then start coaching them in the club. With just a few more regulars doing this, so many more different games will get played. Your club chairperson cannot stand Goa and never pulls it out, but was very pleased to see it being played. That’s what we need more of.

And so, to the very big list this week… we did play Goa, 6 Nimmt, Ticket To Ride Europe, Ticket To Ride, Chinatown, For Sale, The Hobbit new 2010 edition, Dominion, 7 Wonders got played twice, one of the current hot games, Puerto Rico got played twice, one of the regular favourites, Battlestar Galactica, Thief Of Bagdad, Zooloretto, Small World, Wobbally, Angkor, Bananagrams, Zig Zag, Maria a great win for Andrew in the photos below, Hare & Tortoise, Shanghaien a neat little 2 player dice game, Capt Clever, Aber Bitte mit Sahne, Agricola another regular played twice, Zatre one of my favourite abstracts, Game Of Thrones Card Game, Zozzle, Powerboats, Altamira, Trans America, Quo Vadis, Rat Hot another nice little 2 player game, Stone Age, Medici a great classic we should play more often, Alles fur Katz, Turbo Taxi a strange speed game, very tricky for spatial thinkers, Pillars of The Earth Builders Duel a curious 2 player game which was lost from an easy win on the very last move, Keltis a SdJ winner that needs more plays, The Resistance got played loads, the mighty Monkey Tennis went right to the wire, Hey! That’s My Fish!, Pitchcar, Islas Canarias an odd tile placement game that’s growing on us, Diamant, Giganten almost unknown game for oil barons. And many many more.

Next session is not for weeks… 1ST WEDNESDAY evening 3rd August 2011.

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