jungle speed tourny – glasgow UK 13th august 2011

We had the following sent in by Behrooz Shahriari and can do nothing better than re-issue it to you in full.

Dear Fellow Gamers and Future Friends,

I would like to alert you to the fact that it is my birthday on August 13th. But this will be no ordinary birthday party. For I have contacted the designer of my favourite non-strategic game and gained permission to host the WORLD OFFICIAL JUNGLE SPEED TOURNAMENT! People have already booked tickets to come from as far as USA and the event will be a full day of FANTASTIC FUN!

What is Jungle Speed?Jungle Speed is a game of pattern recognition and reaction speed. It’s like Snap but psychotic. The beauty of the game is the graphic design – the patterns are designed to fool you without feeling unfair. Everything can be differentiated within a few seconds but when playing, you don’t have that kind of time – you need to grab a totem faster than the other player(s)! But if you rush and panic, you will make a mistake – with serious penalties.

When/where is it? – August 13th. 2011. 13-08-2011. Glasgow, Scotland. The Griffin Bar (266 Bath St)

What’s the plan?
12 NOON – The WORLD OFFICIAL JUNGLE SPEED TOURNAMENT begins. Actual games start at 12:30. Latecomers (up to 2hrs-ish late) will be able to join in but will be disadvantaged. People not taking part can just chill, chat, watch and maybe try to distract all the players.

6:30 – EVENING ENTERTAINMENT starts. Live music, physical games and a DJ for dancing.

To encourage folk to commit to this event, I am taking money for tickets starting now. All tickets include a ‘free’ drink and any profits will go to WATER AID (which supplies clean drinking water to 3rd world countries).

If you wish to come along, spectate and head off at 6pm Saturday, then you don’t need to buy any tickets. Just bear in mind that you will probably be asked to leave at 6ish.

£5 = JUNGLE SPEED ENTRY + FREE DRINK – You’ll be allowed to take part in the World Championship, possibly winning the title of the Jungle Speed Champion of the known universe. Possibly not. Probably having a laugh anyway. You’ll have to leave soon after 6pm.

£6 = EVENING ENTERTAINMENT + FREE DRINK – The evening will feature live music (Sunshine Social, Acid Darling, Balladeers, Glasgow Glambangers, Scunner and mystery surprises), limbo, a balloon game then a DJ playing salsa and funk for optional dancing. Music ends at midnight. You won’t be allowed to compete in the tournament but can spectate.

£7 = JUNGLE SPEED ENTRY + EVENING ENTERTAINMENT + FREE DRINK – If you wish to compete in the tournament and also stay for the evening entertainment, you must pay £7.

There are currently 24 available tickets for the tournament and 27 available tickets for the evening entertainment. (This will ensure that there is a bit of space to move about in and dance.) If you wish to reserve a ticket, send money via paypal to aciddimensions@gmail.com (Behrooz Shahriari). In your notes, mention your full name.

I hope to see you there!

It should be a lot of fun and if you have similar tastes to me, you will love every single thing that happens. There are some reasonably priced places you could stay on Saturday night – maybe make a weekend of it. Or, if you prefer, head back down after the tournament and sleep in your own bed. If you’ve never played Jungle Speed before, you almost definitely won’t win – part of the game lies in knowing the 18 patterns. But given the format, you’ll still have a laugh. Frankly, there’s still time to get a few practice games in. If you order it now, you could easily be world champion…

Stay funky

– Bez

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