10 important things you need to know about last saturday

We had 40 people in on Saturday, FORTY! It’s June! The middle of summer and we still drew in 40 people. Yes, another year-on-year record and it continues the strong trend, easily up 10% on 2010. Which means that you will find more people to play with (or against!), more chances to learn new games, more expectation to run out your favourites.

We had a surprise visit from Jeremy Galilee, with his newly published game Go With The Flow which was launched at the UK Games Expo. He’s selling them through Arctic Fox and might be able to come back to BM!. Get in touch with them if you want to buy one.

We started a poll on Facebook, if you’re on FB then pop over and submit your answer. If you’re not on FB, then don’t.

And yes, for the second week, nobody played the club’s new acquisition Civilisation. After playing it week after week, as soon as we do get a copy, they stop. HARUMPH!

And so to the games, lots of interesting ones this week, some from the Cult Of The New, some of the standard heavies and some of the odd stuff too…
Edel, Stein & Reich (5 player version of Basari without the board and dice), San Juan, Railroad Tycoon, Imperial 2030, Le Havre, Lost Cities, Guillotine, Spectral Rails (the old/new game from BGG luminary Morgan Dontaville), Batavia, Bull In A China Shop, Vabanque, Atlantis, KingBrick (hot from the UKGE), Pitchcar (yes, Chris is back, expect to see this on the list regularly), Caylus, Phoenicia (Robert’s finally cracked this one, should be a grower), Ave Caesar, Puerto Rico (Helen won handily on her first ever try, comfortably whipping Gordon, Phil and Blair), A Brief History Of The World, Go With The Flow, The Resistance (Robert triumphed), Subulata, Carpe Astra (somebody made a genuine mistake by having too many pieces – that’s why it was an easy win), Ticket To Ride, Ticket To Ride Europe, The Adventurers (Hugo played a blinder while Janis scratched his name on the back of the boulder), Emerald, Shadow Hunters, Merkator, King Of The Elves (no, really, it is a quick game once you’ve learnt it), Heckmeck and many, many more…


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