we had fun at the weekend, with or without you

It was busy on our 1st Wednesday evening but on 1st Saturday, it was pretty busy too. For some strange reason, people seem to prefer going outdoors on warm June days instead of playing boardgames all day. Dunno why. So what did you miss? Quite a lot…

Capitol (rare run out for this Alan R Moon game), No Thanks!, Twilight Struggle, Who’s The Ass?, Ingenious, Airships (popular progressive dice-roller), Cash n Guns, Trias (dinos in the morning and in the afternoon), Rocketville, Expedition, Guillotine, Boomtown, Le Havre, Durch die Wüste (or Through The Desert to you), Ticket To Ride (common run out for this Alan R Moon game), Euphrat und Tigris (or Tigris & Euphrates to you), Emerald, Airlines Europe (currently THE hot Alan R Moon game), Vikings, Goa, Kahuna (very nice 2 player game), Elkfest, Lascaux, Stephensons Rocket (a game with no luck at all), Cities, Porca Miseria (very funny speed game), and many many more…


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