regular meet – 1ST SATURDAY – 4th june 2011

Our last Saturday meet was another record-breaker. You know how we love these! 40 gamers turned out for yet another yearly high, making 6 out of our first 10 meets this year into all-time highs. And the ones we missed were only by 4 people mostly. When we find out who those 4 are…

Did you spot that Peter Burley’s game Take It Easy is now a neat Facebook game? It’s really easy but challenging, very frustrating when you know you’ve gone wrong. If you are on FB, then add it to your games.

We’re also getting a copy of the new Civilisation game for the club. We might have it for Saturday.

And so we meet again, dear chums, well those of us that aren’t scooting down to Brum for the UK Games Expo all weekend. If you’re staying with us, then BM! meets again this Saturday 4th June 2011 at the Railway Institute, Queen St, York, just next to right next to just metres from York station. We’ll open at 10am and be rocking it all the way through to the evening, some time after 7pm. Your first day is FREE!

And if you’ve recently subscribed to our email, or this blog, or FB’d us, then come on! Turn that thought into action and pop in to see us at least. Just turn up and let us show you some fun stuff.


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