rush to BM! on saturday

Saturday was another big BM! day. New faces again and lots of familiar ones too coming back to BM!, including Chris returning from Canadia. No longer leaping from tree to tree, as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia, but Chris was still slapping his thigh and singing all the way. Sadly though, our other Canadia friends, Bubba and Neil, did not pop into BM! whilst in York on Saturday (yes they were really in York), so instead the entire club went to Newcastle to see them and is now very tired but very happy. On the train to Newcastle, we played…

Gift Trap, Palais Royal, Vabanque, Parade a brilliantly simple but difficult card game from Japan, Pitchcar with the Expansions always popular (now Chris is back, we can run the Pitchcar Championship again!), My Word, Lost Cities, The Resistance, Bananagrams, Emerald, London, The Isle Of Dr Necreaux, Agricola got played twice, it’s slipped to #3 on BGG but is still going strong at BM!, At The Gates Of Loyang, interesting to see this pop up at BM! finally, surprising the Agricola Havre fans haven’t brought it in before, Dixit, Age Of Industry, Kahuna sweet little 2p game!, Settlers Of Catan (somebody wrote a sweet review here), Through The Desert, Merchants Of Middle Ages the re-issue of Die Händler (of which one was not impressed despite the hype), Magical Athlete the Z-Man edition of the Japanese game Magical Athelete, Cities, Trans America, Dominant Species, Revolution!, Hera and Zeus, Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game, Friesen Torn, Puerto Rico + expansion, Inca Empire, Stone Age, Drunter & Druber, 7 Wonders, Shadows Over Camelot, Power Struggle, Hey! That’s My Fish!, Marrakech and many many more.

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