blossom, sunshine and boardgames

Beautiful weather meant a lower turn-out than usual, but still very busy all day. What else to say, we had a great Saturday playing games, lots of fun right through to 8pm. Next meeting is Wednesday evening 4th May 2011, but remember, there’s a game-day on Saturday 23rd April 2011 at Leed’s Travelling Man. Then on 30th April 2011, the last Saturday of the month, at Newcastle Gamers and at Hull Gaming. Photos below from Robert. See you in May!

If you’re curious what was happening, we played… Airlines Europe (The Cult Of The New visited with some games…), Age Of Industry, Trans America, Trans Europa, Shear Panic, Subulata, Quoridor (Keith was doing a great job demoing this and other abstracts), Die Burgen von Burgund (CotN again), Vikings, Civ (more formally called Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Board Game (2010 edition) but that’s too long to write), …aber bitte mit Sahne (aka Piece o’ Cake), Small World, Letters From Whitechapel (pretty grim theme but a fascinating game from the designer of Garibaldi: La Trafila), Vabanque (fiendish bluffing game, Robert was delighted with it), Lost Cities, Parade, Beehive, Pitchcar with Extensions One and Two, Medici (excellent auction game, always popular), 7 Wonders (played a few times), King Me, Quarto!, Atlantis (got to play all my favourites this week), Tobago, Puerto Rico, Dominion, Stone Age, TTR Marklin (the best Ticket to Ride version IMO), Thief Of Bagdad, Airships (although I much prefer the German name – Giganten der Lüfte), Perudo and many many more…]

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