104 ways to freeze rubber* – a week ago at BMYork

A meet on 1st Saturday, a meet on 1st Wednesday evening, both nice and busy** despite the excellent weather. Our numbers always drop when the thermometer rises, but last year we kept up well through summer. Hopefully, we’ll have another strong year too.

The new membership discount cards are in. You get 10% off games at any of the Travelling Man shops if your card is stamped. Just ask the club organisers to stamp your card, which you’ll receive on your 2nd visit to BM!.

And remember – get your Microbadge here!

It’s very pleasing to see more the obscure games in the club collection being played. We need more of our regulars to take stuff away and learn them, then bring them back to coach us. Learning the rules the first time can be dull, but having more people to coach is vital to your club’s success. Tony & Keith have being chipping away lately, and we need more people to take up the task.

On Wednesday, we played Lost Cities, Powerboats, the old favourite Tikal (Phil’s decision to open Camp Futile didn’t prevent his slim win). Tony taught us Asrus, a very quick card game from SK. We also played London, Die Saulen Von Venedig (Pillars Of Venice, still not published in English, for shame!), Rat Hot (one of my favourite 2 player games), Billabong and Guillotine.

On Saturday we played a ton of stuff, K2 took a terrible toll, To Court The King, Leaping Lemmings, Dominion, Carcassonne, Labyrinth Card Game, The Island Of Dr Necreaux (a weird co-op we managed to win), the all new Civilisation Board Game, Airships, Saboteur, Bohnanza, Inca Empire, Founding Fathers, Munipicium, Le Havre, Twilight Struggle, Hey! That’s My Fish!, Power Grid with the Benelux map, Ice Cream, Niagara, Midgard, Flaschenteufel (clever card game based on RL Stevenson’s story The Bottle Imp), Maria, El Capitan, Carcassonne Discovery, Queen’s Necklace, Havana, Blue Moon, Stone Age, Marrakech, Ubongo, Forbidden Island, Trans America, Powerboats, 6 Nimmt and many many more…

* All the hot blogs have “# ways to do something”. Expect more of these.
** Saturday turned out to be another year-on-year high for BM!.


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