regular meet saturday 2nd April 2011 and a word from our sponsor

Well, not our sponsor, but a genuine testimonial from one of our regulars, Andrew. Our next meeting is this coming Saturday 2nd April 2011, at the Railway Institute in York as usual. If you’ve not been before, then perhaps Andrew can persuade you to visit. If you have been, then you’ll recognise his voice immediately.

“Ever since my first visit to Beyond Monopoly!, I knew I was on to a good thing. I always enjoy going – to the extent that I plan out the rest of my life so that I don’t miss a single session. The club records will show that I haven’t missed a session in ages.

Here are a mere handful of the games that keep coming back: Carcassonne – the game where you make the board as you play. Pandemic – where the game sometimes beats the players. Maria – The war of the Austrian Succession fought with paying cards. Mr Jack – Detective vs Serial Killer; and that self same serial killer could be a certain famous consulting detective! Shadow Hunters – where it’s possible to win even when knocked out if the game. Ave Caesar – Chariot racing on par with a Cecil B deMille film. Agricola – raise a family, grow some crops, build a home, indulge in a little animal husbandry; and try not starve. Saboteur – best summed up as the game of traitorous mining dwarves.

Then there are the many games, either in the wider world or in the club’s collection, that I haven’t yet tried but would like to. If you think board games are boring – you’ve obviously not been to Beyond Monopoly! We will have a game that inspires you and keeps you coming back for more – I know it did with me!”

Yup, our records do show Andrew is one of the most reliable regulars. Drop in on Saturday and let him show you our 400 modern games.

None of the games Andrew mentioned.


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