round up on Saturday

We did get a visit from Martin Wallace as promised, and he brought some interesting games, one totally secret game we cannot discuss, one new Japan map for Age Of Industry, and one near complete version of Terry Pratchett’s Ankh-Morpork. We had a long chat about this; it’s due to be released in 3 editions, a Kosmos box with Martin’s name, a Treefrog box without Martin’s name, and a deluxe edition with resin pieces. There are also two cover designs, so Pratchett fans will want all three versions, and all editions will have Terry Pratchett’s name at the top, naturally.

We mention all this, because Martin said he wasn’t bothered if his name appeared or not. It has to go on the German edition because of the famous napkin rule (several noted German designers agreed not to let publishers have their games if the author’s name did not get on the box front). But Martin wasn’t concerned if his name didn’t show on the covers.

Ankh-Morpork is a very easy card-driven game (Martin seems to be focussing on these just now), with each player as a character from Discworld, each with their own winning conditions. As you play cards and bring your minions into the city, they make trouble, and you cannot build where there’s trouble. So you try to get money to build, get in an area, clear out the trouble, build to get an area’s card, which gives you extra abilities, all while trying to make trouble for the others and get your win. There’s also a deck of chaos events to mix it up.

The nice part is that you only win if you start your turn with your conditions satisfied. This way, it may be obvious to the others that you’re about to win, but they get a round in which to take action and deny your victory. But that might provide another player with a win… A family game with enough to please gamers. With the finished artwork, it should look fantastic.
We also had a camera in the room doing a time-lapse film of the day. This is in post-production as we speak, so hopefully you’ll soon see the club in action on Youtube.

And as normal, we played a ton of stuff apart from the prototypes… K2 again, still really enjoying the game, it just getsmore intense as you count down the days. The 3 Commandments, Julius Caesar, Hey! That’s My Fish!, Basilica, Queen’s Necklace, Triumvirate, Havoc, Twilight Struggle, Keltis, Witch Of Salem another odd co-op that seems unknown, Inkognito, Tobago, Capt’n Clever, Vikings, Hive, Funkenschlag in the Benelux, The Resistance, Ra, Dominion, Cash A Catch, TTR, Le Havre, Lost Cities, Carcassonne, Mr Jack AND Mr Jack Pocket and a bunch more. Shame we can’t talk about the prototypes, it looks like we didn’t play so much, but gamers love getting in early on something and the prototypes all got a good run out.

Next meeting is this coming Saturday 2nd April 2011 and with some luck, the new Member Discount cards will be ready. Remember to get your club microbadge on BGG.

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