spielchamps 2011 wants you – well four of you together

One side of the hobby I’ve not delved into* is competitive teamplay but there’s a range of international contests that end up in Essen in a massive brawl big competition. This year, Spielchamps** 2011 is looking for teams of 4 players to compete for the honour THE HONOUR mark you of representing the United Kingdom against the Rest Of The World. This year Spielchamps takes place in Reading on Saturday 21st May 2011 at Eclectic Games.

You need four people in your team ready to play the following:

  • Vasca de Gama
  • Stone Age
  • Brass
  • Navegador
  • You must register on the Spielchamps site and come up with a team name. Any variation on The Good The Bad & The Ugly will do, it’s standard for UK Cons.

    Good luck! and remember you’re British, so don’t practise or anything.

    *apart from running the UK’s best feeder tournament for TTR@NRM last year, that is.

    ** formerly the artist known as Intergame.


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