next meet saturday 19th march 2011 – possible visit by M*rt*n W*ll*c*

Just had a note from a Mr Wallace of Manchester. He might might be coming over on Saturday to play test his balloon trivia game (possibly titled Empires Of Balloon Trivia Barons On Steam). No promises, but if you liked his kind of funfunfun party games, then get in early. Bring some cash money too, you might get a direct sale.

Whyohwhyohwhy do people think we CLOSE at 6pm? We do not. We stay open playing stuff way past 6pm. As long as there’s an organiser present, we can use the room, so starting a 5 hour game is not on, but you can stay much later than 6pm if you want. And, now we charge only £1 for anybody arriving after 4pm. You can get in some gaming after work and still be home for dinner.

We’ve built up some lost property over the winter, to whit, a brown woolen hat, a pair of blue insulated gloves, and now a red/brown striped scarf that Harry Potter would be proud to wear. If any of it’s yours, please drop us a line and claim it. Otherwise, it’s all off to a charity shop next week.

See you on Saturday! Oh yeah, we meet on Saturday 19th March 2011 at the Railway Institute, Queen St, York from 10am to late.


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