Hull gamers – good news twice! all day gaming 26th march 2011 10am start – and Hull Gaming is back too

If you’re in Hull, you can get some gaming in next week too, at the Humberside Wargames Society all-dayer. It’s free entry because it’s a special open day and they’ll be playing proper stuff like Puerto Rico and Settlers, and heavier boardgames too. Click on the link above for all the info.

Plus, we gather that the Hull Gaming group is getting back in the swing. They had a meeting in February at the church hall on Cottingham Road. They’re now meeting every month on the last Saturday, so they should be there for the 26th March too. Starts at noon, £1 entry, bring some games, ends late.

Good news for all the Hull gamers who each come to BM! on their own and never talk to each other about car-sharing or travelling together or Hull or fish. Must be the sea air that makes them so taciturn.


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