get your BMYork microbadge here

We now have our own Microbadge which you can buy here for just 8GG.

Now, if that is just gibberish to you, then you should check out After all, you’re reading a blog for your local boardgame club, so you must like modern boardgames. BGG is the best site online for gamers. It’s a MASSIVE free database of 1000s of games; it’s a great friendly helpful community; it’s got a marketplace to buy and sell games; you can trade (swap) games and some people even give away games for free and even worldwide.

If you want to post any comments, or record and rate your collection or plays, you must register, but it’s all totally free and they never spam you. There’s even a side for RPGs and video games now. But if you just want to look stuff up and research more games, then you don’t need to register, you can just lurk.

Of course, if it’s not gibberish, then what are you waiting for? Go buy your new MB for BM!


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