games on wednesday, games on saturday, plugged on monday

We got a free plug on Monday from new member Caroline, who was a guest on Jonathan Cowap’s BBC Radio York show on Monday. He gets local folk on to vent on current stories, and as a local businessperson running Business Boots, Caroline is a regular. WorldBookNight came up as a topic, but very kindly, Caroline steered them on to a plug for BM! instead. You can hear the part here. Thank you, Caroline!

We had a good Saturday, nice and busy with 36 gamers in and a wide mix of games got played. We were still going at 8pm, BM! is hardcore. We don’t actually close at 6pm, that’s just a suggested finish. You can stay as long as you want really. Plus, anybody arriving after 4pm now only pays £1.

We’ve not had any new people turn up for a few weeks now, breaking a 6 year run of always seeing new faces. But we’re getting some people back who’ve been away for years. As sign of maturity for BM! possibly. Wednesday evening was busy too. If numbers pick up over 20, we’ll think about starting a 3rd Wednesday session to match the 3rd Saturday.

The design of the new discount card is complete. Next step is to get some quotes and get the darn thing printed. It will be a standard business card size again, double-sided on tinted card stock. Hopefully that will be sorted by our next session on 19th March 2011. Any suggestions of a good but cheap printer in York? Mates rates from anyone?

And now, back to the records. On Wednesday, we played K2 (only one heroic team kept both climbers alive), Hive, Lost Cities, Cities an excellent little game, cross between Take It Easy and Carcassonne, new edition coming from Z-Man Games, London got completed twice in the evening, In The Year Of The Dragon, Trans America, Municipium, Ticket To Ride Europe, Medici, Zozzle (looks silly, but tricky), WobBally (looks silly, is silly but great fun).

On Saturday, another assault on K2 proved hard, with fierce competition for the peak. Adios Amigos is now our fastest ever game and will you puhlease stop shooting me. Mosaix got two goes, as did 6 Nimmt. The 3 Commandments were difficult to follow, The Resistance endured for over three hours! We also played Billabong, Vote Por Mi, WobBally, Agricola with the Farmers expansion, Hey! That’s My Fish!, Cartagena, I’m The Boss, Beehive (our Robert’s own game), Cash a Catch, Forbidden Island (played 3 or 4 times!), Villa Paletti, Angkor, London, Dominion, Tinner’s Trail, Triumvirate, Ra, Stone Age, Australia, Small World, Iglu Pop, Mansions Of Madness (madness I tell you!), Founding Fathers twice, Ubongo, Krakow 1325 AD (a partner game with only one winner). Blimey.


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