1ST WEDNESDAY and 1ST SATURDAY – regular meets 2nd march and 5th march 2011

Time flies like an arrow, but fruit flies like a banana. Another month begins with BM!, 1st Wednesday meeting on the evening of 2nd March 2011 from 5pm at the RI, followed by our 1st Saturday meet on 5th March 2011 from 10am at the RI. You’ll have to pay this time.

Will we get another 53 gamers on Saturday? It would be fantastic if we could. So we’ve made a slight change to our pricing. On Saturdays, it will only cost £1 from 4pm onwards. For years, we have stuck to one price for all day, regardless of when you arrive or leave. But we hope this small change will encourage more gamers to try us after their Saturday job. Of course, if people start whinging, or trying it on at 3.30pm, we’ll go back to where we were. Strictly, any arrivals from 4pm will only be asked for a quid.

Remember, on Saturdays we don’t actually close at 6pm, we go on till past 7pm usually. And if we get good numbers on the Wednesday evenings, we could try opening on the 3rd Wednesdays too. We shall see…

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