53 gamers 400 games 6 years – just another record day at BM!

We started at 10am with a brisk climb up K2 and were still going at 8pm, trading Saucisson with French farmers in Carambouille. In between, 53 gamers got together in York and played as many modern games as humanly possible. That 53 is the highest number we’ve ever had at Beyond Monopoly! in our six years. A wonderful reward for our 6th anniversary, especially as the new people in came from our game demos, Vapnartak a couple of weeks ago and Thoughtbubble a couple of years ago. It can take a while for these demos to yield direct results, but even if they don’t bring people to the club, at least we get to show there is life after Monopoly, Scrabble and Cluedo.

And so, what did we play this time? Roughly speaking, it included… Tanz der Hornochsen, Medici, Goa, Caligula, both Ticket To Ride and TTR Marklin, Dominion got played twice, Diamant, Trans America, Hive, Stone Age, Boomtown, Valdora, Adios Amigos, Thunderstone, K2 was tackled twice (very interesting game, a different kind of racing), Shadow Hunters, Settlers Of Catan, challenging waterfalls in Flussfieber and Niagara, Mr Jack, Puerto Rico, Zooloretto, Mosaix, Merchants & Marauders, Gift Trap (no, Emily does NOT want roses!), Forbidden Island sank the explorers but they tried again and won, Apples To Apples (those pesky Ninjas!), The Three Commandments, Airships (excellent progressive dice game), Through The Desert (one of my all-time favs), Chinatown, dicetastic Troyes, In The Year Of The Dragon, Ausgerechnet Uppsala, Agricola, Saboteur, Thurn & Taxis, Tonga Bonga, Tutankhamen, Tinner’s Trail, Santy Anno and Carambouille… and more, but we forget.

We meet again at the RI on 1st Wednesday evening, 2nd March 2011 from 5pm on. Let’s see you there.


One thought on “53 gamers 400 games 6 years – just another record day at BM!

  1. Paul Yates says:

    Fantastic day and a great mix of games and gamers as well: young and old(er), male and female, novice and experienced. I was so engrossed I forgot the bar had closed! See you on Wednesday week.

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