very busy week – knackered but happy

Last week was exhausting but fun. 1st Wednesday on er Wednesday evening, was well attended with 16 people (7 new to the RI). Then our 1st Saturday meeting on youguessedit Saturday had 46 count them 46 gamers and a time-lapse video. Yes. A time-lapse video. Finally, on Sunday, we went to Vapnartak and demo’d the games to lots of people. We got new email contacts and saw many gamers already on the list, so hopefully they’ll start coming along.

We sold nearly all the surplus games we’d prepared for Print & Pay, which brought in £61, but more importantly has freed up storage space for us. So we’ll be able to buy some more games on our wish list soon. Helen had run up excellent sheets to sell the games, and they only lasted a couple of hours. Remember, you can bring you own P&P sheets to BM! and sell or trade your surplus games too.

And since you are always interested, what did we get to play…?

On Wednesday, it was Heckmeck twice (Paul was noble in tragedy, twice), Alhambra, Carcassonne, our new copy of Apples To Apples (the new UK edition from Mattel), String Railway (an amazing from last-to-first place win for Helen!), Troyes, Alea Iacta Est, Dominion, Cash ‘n’ Guns, Zooloretto, Forbidden Island, Trans America, Atlantis (love that game, always different always fun).

On Saturday, split across 2 rooms and a hallway, we played Thurn & Taxis, Alles für die Katz, Tobago, Iliad, Sylla, Labyrinth The Card Game (variant rules), Shadow Hunters, Gift Trap (Helen LOVES movies, no wait, Helen HATES movies!), Mosaix, Diamant, Game Of Thrones, Agricola, Indonesia (yes, at last), Zooloretto, The Adventurers (our noisy fun drew attention and the game got borrowed after), Apples To Apples, Hab & Gut, Carcassonne, Marrakech, World Without End, Race For The Galaxy (played twice), No Thanks, Trans America, Survive! (the new edition of Escape From Atlantis), Tinner’s Trail, the new Civilisation (the game was filmed), Expedition, Ticket To Ride and a ton more.

And we did play on Sunday too, Forbidden Island and Marrakech a lot, Dominion, Apples To Apples, Shadow Hunters and more.


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