at long last, Travelling Man gets a proper website + launches a loyalty card

Finally, finally, at last, eventually, finally, our kind friends at Travelling Man have finally got a proper website up and running. That means you can check out their schtuff* in the comfort of your home, and order online too. YAY!

Better yet, they’ve got their own Loyalty Card scheme going too. Basically, you start an account with them for £3, and every £1 you spend earns you 3 points. 100 points converts back into £1 off whatever you buy from them. And yes, the £3 you spend on the card earns you 9 points! And yes, the card applies to everything, and works with your BM! discount card as well. (BTW, make sure your BM! card is validated, don’t be trying it on puhlease).

Aaaaand, Travelling Man in Leeds has a game sale on now, so check check check them out.


Super Card Go, TM's loyalty card

*comicbooks & graphic novels, role-playing games, boardgames, CCGs, manga & anime, minis and loads more.

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