Vapnartak 2011 – volunteers needed sunday 6th february 2011

What is Vapnartak? That’s the question. Apparently, it’s a Norse gathering of swords, but for York it means the annual wargames event at the Knavesmire stand in the race-course. York has a thriving wargames club (very nearly as friendly as we are), and they run a show each year. Traders have tons of figures and landscaping material, paints and craft, books, displays, and club members run loads of different tabletop games and contests all day. It’s a great mix of historic, modern and futuristic battlefields, lots to see if you want to learn more about wargaming.

Most importantly of all, Vapnartak gave birth to Beyond Monopoly! Six years ago, we were given some free tables to put on a display of modern boardgames at Vapnartak. Apart from being asked all the time if we were a shop, we got enough interest to start up as a club the next weekend. And we’ve never looked back! Six years later, we’re known all over Yorkshire and North East, and BM! is one of the biggest game clubs in the UK.

But we’ve never stopped doing public demos. Taking our games out to show the public is a big deal for us. It gets new people into the club, and it gets the games under people’s noses, literally. The games you’ve known about for years are a revelation for most.

So we need your help on Sunday 6th Febraury 2011. If you can do a few hours with us, or even the whole day, at the race-course off Tadcaster Road, please get in touch. Vapnartak runs from 10am to 5pm, and volunteers get in free, plus you get a free day at BM! too. We need to set up at 9.30am and clear out by 5.30pm, so even if you can spare just the morning or closing hours, please help. If you’ve not done any demos, it’s easy and fun. Just chat to people and play some light games with them.

Please drop a line to or speak to us at the club. The more the merrier!


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