1st Wednesdays shifting to the RI for next three months

We are now doing 1st Wednesdays at the Railway Institute, Queen Street, York, at least for February, March and April 2011. It will be from 5pm to 10pm, and sorry, but we’ll have to take £1 off you, as we’re hiring the room. Bring some stuff to play; the cabinets won’t necessarily be opened by 5pm (depends when the keyholders can get off work).

Part of the reason for 1st Wednesday was to get games played in public. It is a goal of Beyond Monopoly! to help change Brits’ views of boardgames from bad prejudices to fun understanding. We hoped that by playing games in a bar, we might attract some positive interest. But finding a good venue (good seating, good lighting, low noise/music, inexpensive) has proved hard so far. Too hard. So we’re reverting to the RI for three months.

We’ll keep looking, but it has some upside. We’ll be in Room 1, with our whole collection. There’s a bar downstairs and you’re welcome to bring your drinks and dinner up. You already know where we are, and it’s bang next to the station.

If you know of a good place in central York we can try, please drop a line to bmyork@gmail.com. Until then, we’ll be upstairs.

How to find the RI…click here.


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