quick session report from saturday BM!@RI

Stay tuned for some fresh news this week. Meanwhile, back on Earth…

We had 36 gamers (3 new) at the RI yesterday playing many many games all day, with Scarborough chums making a welcome return. Last Saturday, there were 30 people (5 new), another year-on-year record, and this time we were just 4 off another record. Come on, come on! You know you love gaming at BM!, get in and make the club humongous.

And now, the links to the games, and the photos. Can you put them together? We played… Blue Moon City (I lost poorly), Mr Jack Pocket (the bite-sized version), Civilisation (the 4-course dinner version), Imperial 2030, Atlantis, Airships (I lost so badly), Steel Driver, Carcassonne, Ra, Ponte del Diavolo, Defenders Of The Realm, The Resistance (a full banquet), Palais Royal (worse loss EVAR), 7 Wonders got played FOUR times, Alhambra, Tobago (at last, a win A WIN), Ticket To Ride, Santy Anno (very odd recognition game), Ave Caesar (twice), Puerto Rico, Dominion, Navegador, Race For The Galaxy, Zatre (lost to Keith again), Saboteur, very noisy fun classic Pit, and finally Quo Vadis (a masterful win oh everyone’s gone).

See you in February!


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