our regular 3RD SATURDAY meet, Railway Institute, 15th January 2011

We had a nice meeting last week, very busy with 30 gamers all day. So good, we’re cracking on with our next meet this Saturday, 15th January 2011. OK, it’s our regular meeting at the RI, but still, it is time for you to get back to the club after the holidays. You know you want to!

Our Bring & Buy plans have morphed into a more long-term solution – more on this as it develops. We aim to help the club move on some older games, and provide you with a way to sell or trade games through BM!. Watch this space.

So, what did we play last week? Glad you asked – here we go… Well, we had not one but two copies of the new game Civilisation on the go at once. This is the newly released version of the famous PC game from Sid Meier. We also had 2 games from publisher Alderac (AEG), The Adventurers (a dice-rolling hoot!) and Abandon Ship. We played most of the top games this week, Tobago, Carcassonne, Agricola, Caylus (played twice), Ticket To Ride and also Ticket To Ride Marklin, Alhambra, Zooloretto, and Dominion. In the bar downstairs, we got a pasting at Bananagrams from Kathy (you Scrabble-fiend!), and taught Hive too. Back upstairs, Drunter & Druber, Hey! That’s My Fish!, Boomtown, Adel Verplicht (that’s the Dutch 6 player edition kindly donated by the publisher Jumbo), It’s Alive, Zozzle, Lost Cities, Chinatown and Stone Age all got a good run out. When there only a few of us left, we tried Quo Vadis but had to wind it up early. Next time, we’ll finish it off.

See you this Saturday, come along, come along!


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