and then it’s… er… 1ST SATURDAY in the RI, but on 8th January 2011

So. Normally we meet twice a month at the Railway Institute, Queen Street, York. Normally we meet from 10am to past 6pm in the evening. Normally, we meet on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays. But now, for the first time in just about 6 years, we’ve had to move days. The RI was closed on the 1st Saturday, so for this time only, our first meet is on the 2nd Saturday, that’s this coming Saturday 8th January 2011. Then, we meet again on the 3rd Saturday as normal, 15th January 2011. This will never happen again, unless it happens to do so.

Now. Did you go to the RI last week? Did you knock on the door in vain? Sorry, but we did tell you, in the email and on this blog. If you want to be sure of what’s happening, subscribe to this blog. Drop your email in the little box on the right column, confirm the email you’ll get, and then you can control when our posts arrive, and even un-subscribe if you want.

See you on Saturday! Then again on Saturday!


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