run down on last meet and run up to last meet of the year – 18th December 2011

So this Saturday, 18th December 2010, is our regular 3RD SATURDAY meet and our last meet for 2010. It’s been a big year for Beyond Monopoly! We’ve had much better attendance figures all through the year, especially in summertime. We’ve seen a load of new faces and many of them have stuck. We’ve got this blog going, and we’re tweeting and facebooking now (is that a verb?). This has really pushed our message wider, and we’ve definitely picked up new people through these channels. Plus, we’ve built stronger contacts with publishers and designers too.

And we’ve done loads of public demos this year. From Vapnartak in February to Clements Hall a few weeks back, including our Ticket To Ride tournament at the National Railway Museum, we keep taking our games out to the public. Remember, this is a big deal for BM!, it makes such a difference and is one of our club goals. We had 2 days showing games to staff at East Coast Rail too, a great invite that reached a new range of people for us.

We also finally got an evening meet going as well – 1ST WEDNESDAY. We started in the Orgasmic Cafe, but that just closed so we’ve switched to the bar next door, REVOLUTION. This meet has got up to 15 gamers going, and is great for folk who can’t make it on Saturdays. And it helps with the PiP Campaign. Last one, we got some people come over and ask to join in. Just what we want!

Plus, we reviewed the game collection and we have over 400 games, and most of the top games off BGG. This is very satisfying, we’ve been steering the club along the right lines all along. But we now have a nice shortlist of games to acquire and we’re knocking them off as we go.

We also had visits from Martin Wallace and Leo Marshall, each to show off their games. And our very own Robert put his own game, Beehive, out on Print & Play (PnP). We’ve also helped along Gareth and Newcastle Gamers who are cracking along with regular meetings on Saturday nights. On sadder news, Garforth TableTop Gamers closed its doors after 2 years backing up the month end. We’ve all being saying how we miss the quick trip over to Garforth. Hopefully, Hugo will be able to get back in the swing again.

So this Saturday is our regular 3RD SATURDAY meet and your last chance to get in to BM! this year. Please get out and join us, and let’s break another record before the year end!

And so, what did we play last meet…? Elk Fest, 2 de Mayo (not a game about mayonnaise), Heckmeck BBQ, Dominant Species, BANG!, World Without End, Before The Wind (not a game about sprouts), Eketorp, Memoir ’44, Viva il Re, Ticket To Ride Marklin, Thief Of Bagdad, Zombie In My Pocket, Le Havre, Havoc (poker-styled game), Atlantis, Medici, 7 Wonders, Mosaix, Adios Amigos, Carcassonne Discovery, Manhattan, Relikt, Stone Age and loads more.


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