open day at Clements Hall, York, 27th November 2010 – help BM!

Here’s your chance to help out Beyond Monopoly! for one afternoon. When you consider how much you benefit from such a great club, now you can put a little back into BM! by showing off modern games for a few hours.

Following a big re-fit, Clements Hall, in York, is having an Open Day to demonstrate their new facilities on Saturday 27th November 2010. We will put on a display of our games there and maybe run a taster session in their main hall. Doing these demos is important for BM!; promoting your club and games brings new people in, and it shows publishers who donate games that supporting BM! is worthwhile.

If you’re new to demo sessions, it’s very easy. We just show off the games, talk to people about the positive aspects of modern games, get over their prejudices. Hand out flyers, tell people about Beyond Monopoly! and sign them up to our email. Kids are welcome to join in, they make great ambassadors and parents see how easy the games really are. It’s always great fun. You know these games are worth playing, you get a boost by spreading the word and showing people a good thing!

The open day is from 12-5pm (we get in earlier to set up and stay on a bit to pack up). Clements Hall is on Nunthorpe Road, which runs away from Blossom Street, opposite the cinema, maybe a 10 minute walk from the RI. We need just 3 or 4 people to do the demo, so if you can help, even a few hours is very useful, especially setting up or packing up afterwards. Plus, we’ll give you a free entry to BM! on your next visit.

Please get in touch if you want to join in. If you’re out of town and can provide transport for others, that will be a big help. We know some people from Leeds would give their time, but can’t afford the travel costs. Whatever you can do to help your club, please tell us asap.

Beyond Monopoly! provides you with a cheap place to meet and play the games you enjoy all day (now three times a month), lots of new games, explained for you, a solid collection with lots to choose from and you can borrow games to try at home, discounts from retailers and more. In return, you could spend just one afternoon in a year promoting the club and the games. Not much to ask, is it?


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