great day at BM! with 43 gamers – very satisfying

Saturday was a great day at BM!. We had 43 people in most of the day, which is another year-on-year high and close to our all time record of 48. Numbers matter, partly because they directly reward the work we put in promoting the club in many places, and partly because it means more and more of our huge game collection gets played. We should break our annual total easily this year and there’s still time to crack the 50 barrier.

1ST WEDNESDAY at the Orgasmic Cafebar in town was excellent too. 15 people in all and because we bring our own games, there was a lot of different stuff there. Mississippi Queen, Metro, Bombay, Carson City, Citadels, StreetSoccer, Small World, Der Ausreisser (great little cycling card game), Who’s The Ass? and more.

We’re mulling over having a bring & buy day at BM!. Would you be interested? Would you help organise it? The main issue is people leaving games at the RI all day if they leave early. We simple don’t have any room to store anything left over, even to dispose of later. But an annual B&B day would be a great addition to the benefits of BM! and helps gamers to help gamers. And a bit of extra cash always comes in handy. Any suggestions are welcome.

We also need more members to start learning more games. At BM!, we like it when somebody knows the game and will coach players through it. But there are excellent games going unplayed because we don’t have enough coaches in the club. You can give back to BM! by picking out games to learn and show other players. It might take half an hour out your day at the RI, but it would make a big difference. Think about it – our games are worth more when they are played. The more they’re used, the more valuable they become! Learn a game and stop its waste.

So on Saturday we played… Evo, Shadows Over Camelot, Small World, Busstop the boardgame, Keltis, String Railway (check the photos below, it does exactly what it says on the box!), Ingenious, Dominant Species (thanks to Gareth, coming down from Newcastle just to demo this game, twice), Hive, Hare & Tortoise, Tigris & Euphrates, Le Havre, Airships, Kingsburg (both excellent progressive dice-rollers), Boomtown, Capt Clever, Vikings (big win for Robert!), Zooloretto, Pitchcar with Extension 1 & 2, Dominion (twice of course), Forbidden Island (of course), Apples To Apples (look out for the new UK edition by Mattel), Carcassonne, Niagara, Liberté, Ticket To Ride (twice!), Ticket To Ride Europe, Marrakech (love those carpets), Ave Caesar, Caylus, Perudo, Tobago, Stone Age and plenty more we’re sure.

Our next meet is on Saturday 20th November 2010 at the RI, see you there.


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