new geeklist – co-operative games

The biggest new trend in board games is the co-operative game, where players work together to beat the game instead of each other. Either you all win, or you all lose. We’ve put together a neat geeklist about these, and you can play a load f them in our club. As well as co-ops, there are traitor games, where one player is secretly working against the team, and 1-vs-all games, where one team is chasing down a player escaping across the map.

Geeklists are lists of games and stuff on Boardgamegeek, the best website for boardgamers. This is one of a series of geeklists we’re putting out to encourage outsiders to try our kind of games. Our first list was Solid Family Games (that’s solid games, not solid families) and our next was about Great 2 Player Games (that’s great games for 2 players).


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