Bring your Essen games on Saturday – Dominant Species especially

If you’re coming to Beyond Monopoly! this Saturday… If?? WHEN you come to BM! this Saturday, please bring your games from Essen*. We have a new visitor coming over from Leeds who really wants to play Dominant Species**. If you’ve got a copy, please make a point of bringing it to BM!, you’re guaranteed at least one player. But whatever new games you’ve got, bring them along please, we’d all like to see them.

* Essen is gamers’ shorthand the biggest annual boardgame show in the world, Spieltage. This year’s Spiel2010 was in the massive conference halls at Essen Messe as usual, and it attracts over 150,000 visitors during its four day opening. Massive expo halls, filled with games you can play and buy, publishers, designers, fleamarket for 2nd-hand games and stuff from all over the world. It’s like the Motor Show, but for boardgames.

** How do we know? Well he posted an item on our Guild on*** Yes, we have a Guild, and it’s got a forum/notice board, so we can use it for discussions. It’s really the only place we have for discussion threads, plus it’s easy to link into the game pages on BGG.

*** Boardgamegeek is a huge online database of games, totally free to use, where you can look up games, read reviews, see photos or watch videos, and check the ratings submitted by thousands upon thousands of gamers. If you register, you can log your game collection and game plays, and post on the forums, add your own ratings and comments and loads more. Plus, they also run RPGGeek and VideoGameGeek.


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