Giganten meeting GiftTRAPs Romana Diamant in Angkor. we played some games.

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We had lots of fun playing games on Saturday. And gosh, we had another record turn-out year-on-year, 39 gamers on Saturday. Please keep it up and we’ll break our record for the year. We’re set to break 750 visitors for the year, not counting our extra 1st Wednesday people too. We’ve yet to break our best ever of 48 in a day though.

What did we play, you ask? Weeelll…. we played Bananagrams, GiftTRAP, Diamant, Shadow Hunters, Zatre (poor Keith took a beating), Tower Of Babel, Angkor (excellent little game), Ave Caesar, Beehive (a PnP game by our very own Robert), Adel Verflicht, Tonga Bonga, Ticket To Ride Marklin, Aqua Romana, Winner’s Circle, Subulata, Forbidden Island, Saboteur (with 10 count them 10 players), Niagara, Dominion, China, Maori, Junta, Agricola twice (two games running simultaneously!), Giganten (Paul drew five 5-wells in a row, FIVE!!), Queen’s Necklace, No Thanks!, Medici, Ingenious, Atlantis, Stalin’s War, Railways Of England and Wales and many, many more…

Our next meet is 1st Wednesday on 3rd November 2010 at the Orgasmic cafe from 5pm. And then we’re back in the Railway Institute on Saturday 6th November 2010 from 10am.

See you in November!


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