what we did last summer. OK, last saturday and wednesday. no, the ones before

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Just a short update on our last meets. Very pleased to see more people turning up to the 1ST WEDNESDAY evening session at Orgasmic cafe. We had 15 gamers, which is much better. The more people come, the more games are brought, the more chances you’ll have of playing more games.

Plus, at our regular 1st Saturday meeting in the RI, our two guests report they had a very pleasant day. Leo Marshall was happily demoing his word game LeCardo (check the photos below), and Martin Wallace was very satisfied with the play-testing of his new prototypes, to which we are sworn to utter secrecy (but Empires Of Steam Balloon Kings looks like a winner!). Yup, if you visit our game club, you get to play games before they are published, and your opinions have an effect on the game’s final design. Oh and some more donated games arrived in the club (thanks Charlie).

See you this coming Saturday, back at the Railway Institute. There now follows a short list of what got played, then a lantern slide of the games. Prepare your goggles.

Deep breath. On Saturday, we played Caylus (very close finish), Heckmeck am Bratwurmeck, Lost Cities, Rise Of Empires, Figaro, Guillotine, several prototypes (ssshhh, top secret), King Me!, Thunderstone, World Without End, LeCardo, Manhattan, Thurn & Taxis, Maria, Drunter & Druber (SdJ winner about public lavatories currently being re-issued as Wacky Wacky West), Ave Caesar, Wilderness War, Marrakech, Chinatown, Ticket To Ride and many, many more…

Aaaand on Wednesday we played Settlers Of Catan, Bohnanza, 6 Nimmt, Bang!, Familienbande, Fresco, Heimlich & Co, Last Train To Wensleydale, Guillotine (again), Q-Jet 21XX (yup, that’s the Japanese edition of Ave Caesar), Metropolys and many, many more…


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