our regular Saturday meet, 2nd October 2010, York UK – now with free publishers

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In our last session, we broke another record attendance for September, with 31 gamers all day. We got some more nice donations from club members, Illuminati, Diplomacy, Evo, Amun-Re and the expansion to Mare Nostrum, thank you kindly. We’re getting a couple of little games in this week’s session too. We’ve also got a copy of Rise Of Empires on loan if you want to try that.

We got to play a ton of stuff… Space Alert had another run out, Carcassonne, Lost Cities and Lost Cities: The Board Game, our new copies of Small World and TTR Marklin (Keith’s final move won him the game by a mile), Zatre (Keith finally won this after many, many attempts), Street Soccer (Keith scored the winning goal on his last move!!), Darjeeling (Keith wasn’t playing – finally I win something!), Power Grid, Trans Europa, All Things Zombie, Stone Age, Once Upon A Time, Basari, Cartagena, Settlers Of Catan, Mr Jack, Memoir 44, Tobago, Railroad Tycoon, Washington’s War and loads more… You really should come along and join in.

October – the leaves are falling, Essen is calling and game publishers rise from their sleep with hope in their hearts. We’ve got some guest visitors this week, so behave. Leo Marshall will be showing off LeCardo, his neat word game. Bring some cash, you can get a discount off the RRP from Leo. We also expect a visit from a thrusting new game designer, young Martin Wallace. He’ll be bringing some of his fun party games and fun roll&move games and fun trivia games for you to test out. Please be nice to Martin, he’s frightfully keen.

It is 1st Saturday on Saturday, which means it is Beyond Monopoly!

Beyond Monopoly!, Yorkshire’s friendliest boardgame club, meets all day this Saturday 2nd October 2010 at the Railway Institute, 22 Queen St, York YO24 1AD, from 10am to 6pm+ (you can stay past six, no worries). Get your iWhatever out and tweet the games you played, mentioning #BMYork. And if you haven’t been to the club for a while, get back in!

If this is your first visit, then your first day is FREE! You can come and go as you like, we’re happy to see you whenever you like. For regulars, we charge adults £3, seniors/unwaged/students £2 and juniors £1 (8-12 must be supervised by you). Sorry, no disabled access at the RI, plus we’re up 2 long flights.

To find where we meet, look at this page here. If you’re in York on Saturday, pop along and have a quick butchers. You can have look at the games we play and join in if you want. No obligation!

For food and drink, you can bring your own lunch into BM! if you like, or go out to eat and come back later. We’ve a great pub bar downstairs (you may bring your drinks up to our room), they serve food up to 1:30pm, but the bar closes from 2-6pm, so it’s a good idea to bring a water bottle in as well.

If you new to the club, just drop in and have a look. We’re very relaxed, nobody tells you what to play next, but we’re always on hand if you need suggestions. Want to try a game? Just pick the game up, ask around ‘Who wants to play this?’ and then find a free table to start. It’s as easy as that! If you need the game explaining, we’ll have somebody sit with you and show you how it works.

See you on Saturday!

Oh and remember, next week is 1st Wednesday too.


2 thoughts on “our regular Saturday meet, 2nd October 2010, York UK – now with free publishers

  1. bmyork says:

    Hehe, well we do keep over 400 games in our club collection, plus we get an average of 30+ people to each meeting. We like to mix it up too, it’s a very sociable club. When one table is close to finishing, we’ll play a quick filler, then everybody stands up, swaps around, and plays something different to the last game. There’s always somebody ready to explain the game at the table, so usually we don’t need to read rules.

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