pride blah blah fall blah blah sigh – new games got played YAY!

Down. Down. Numbers are down. No records broken. Sigh. New games in. YAY!

1st Wednesday – we only had 8 people this time after 11 came to August’s. A drop like that is disappointing. We’re hoping to build up 1st Wednesday; people keep asking for an evening meet. We had a dozen people to the first BM! meeting five years ago. After three 1st Wednesdays, we still don’t have that. If the numbers don’t pick up, we’ll have to stop again. You want an evening meeting, then turn out for the evening meeting.

We played Dominion, Hart An Der Grenze (an odd bluffing game, fun but a tad too long), then Terra Nova and Streetsoccer. A big game of Cyclades was underway when I headed off. With more players, we’d get a lot more games on the tables – two big bags of games were available. heyho.

1st Saturday – a good turn-out, 26 gamers, but not a record. We got three new games into the club collection, thanks to a generous discount from Travelling Man. Small World (plus the Leaders bonus) which got broken out immediately and played twice, Race For The Galaxy which got played three times in the day, and TTR Marklin, not played but TTR is always a popular series in the club. We also played Dominion, The Three Commandments, Pizzaro & Co., No Thanks, Atlantis (monster game ended very closely – Atlantis could be my favourite game from last Essen), Hoity Toity, TransAmerica, Agricola, Citadels, Forbidden Island, Warriors, Batavia (disaster, worst result EVAR), Vikings, Innovation, Le Havre, Havoc (poker style game on the Hundred Years War), Winner’s Circle (Robert won with double the others’ takings!), Ingenious, Settlers Of Catan, Puerto Rico, Zozzle and lots more…

Last day at BM! for Monica, who heads back to Spain now. Good luck Monica, and hopefully we’ll see you again one day.

It’s interesting to see just how often games like Agricola, Puerto Rico, Le Havre and Settlers all get played and get played on the same day. You’d expect one or two to be brought out, but they get such regular play. Of course, they’re popular for a reason, but games like Goa, Die Macher, Power Grid are just as popular but don’t get the same action with us.

Remember, the York Beer & Cider Festival is coming up, the Friday before our next meet. Let’s see some folk down on the Knavesmire. Our cousins from oop North will be visiting, despite talking funny.


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