York Beer & Cider Festival 2010 – September 16th to 18th

The York branch of the Campaign for Real Ale hold a September festival in York each year. It was on the Knavesmire last year and I went along and was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t what I expected at all, and if you have a mild interest in the odd pint, you would really like it too. This year, it is from Thursday 16th to Sunday 18th September 2010.

I was encouraged to go by Gareth Cooper, who runs Newcastle Gamers, the game club oop north. I took some light games along and we had some nice beers and played some easy dice games. And the people sat next to us asked to join in. And after they went, the next group wanted to join in. So it’s a great opportunity to meet new people and show off some of our games.

If you plan on going along, we should try and hook up and play some games. It’s a pleasant way to spend the evening, we could show off some easy games and maybe get more people involved.

The beer festival works like this:

  • you don’t have to drink pints, halves are fine and THIRDS are even better. You do not have to drink at all if you don’t want. It’s not a boozers event (few beardies), it’s really convivial and friendly.
  • you pay to enter and then collect a glass and buy a sheet of beer tokens – whenever you get a drink, the barkeep marks off the tokens spent. That way, nobody wastes time paying and getting change. At the end of the day, you simply cash in your unused tokens to get your change.
  • you can ask for samples before you buy. I found that some of the fruity flavours taste more like shampoo than beer – if I’d had a sample first I wouldn’t have wasted a pint.
  • the good stuff goes fast – get a programme, mark what you want to try and get in quick.
  • it’s all under marquees, so if it’s damp, you stay dry whilst getting soaked.
  • and the beers are really interesting. Lots of variety, imported Pils, it’s really an eye-opener if you usually only try lagers.

We’ll definitely be there for the Friday evening – part of Gareth’s stag do – so if you’ve ever thought about maybe trying a beer festival out, then come along and sit with friends.


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