1st Wednesday – regular evening meet in York – 1st September 2010

1st Wednesday is here again! All you gamers who cannot make a Saturday meeting, now you have no excuse. We will be at the Orgasmic Cafe in York, playing modern games on Wednesday evening, 1st September 2010 from 5pm onwards. The Orgasmic Café is next to the City Screen Cinema off Coney Street in central York. This regular date each month is building up nicely for us. We had 11 gamers at the last one in August. The venue is free for us, but we suggest you buy food and/or drink to keep them happy (don’t bring your own this time). Do bring what you want to play, and what others will likely want to play, but at your own risk. We’re not going to cover any damages, sorry.

The Orgasmic Cafe is a good place for gamers, smoke free of course. Friendly staff, good service, cutlery and napkins brought with your food. The pizzas are popular and the potato wedges are very filling. You will definitely get a proper big game completed in your visit, so you don’t have to restrict yourself to dice or short games. And did you know about PiP – Playing in Public campaign now on? Let’s see you there!

Here’s the location on google.

location of Orgasmic Cafe, York

location of Orgasmic Cafe, York


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