whaddya know… another record meeting for BM!

Checking back on our stats, we see that 2008 was a big year for BM!, with record numbers coming to the club. But those records are tumbling and yesterday was another yes another August high for us, with 37 gamers attending! We still have to beat the biggest total evar which was 48 in October 2008.  But it’s really satisfying to see those records falling. It makes our efforts worth while. The new channels we’re using have helped, on Twitter, this blog here, and now we are on Facebook (look for Bm York and be our friend please!). And 1st Wednesday has made a difference too, with 2 of the 6 new faces yesterday coming from our meet at Orgasmic.

If we can keep the club growing, it will stay healthy and active for years to come. That means you will find gamers ready to try the latest games, ready to show you one of the classics, ready to sit down for that long train game you’ve been waiting to knock off. The more people we get in, the more players they will bring in too, and the more our games get exposure. So please, keep it up and let’s try to break 50 soon.

And what did those 36 people play? Well, we played…

Tobago, Palais Royal (a badly under-rated game, & how Mike lost that one, we will never know), 6 Nimmt! (with 9 players and er um 5 rows, sorry gotthatwrong), Who’s The Ass? (with 10 players!), Word On The Street (with 9 players!), Expedition, Flussfieber, Tonga Bonga, Shogun, HiveCapt’n Clever, Dominion (twice), Forbidden Island (twice), Thunderstone, CondottierePuerto Rico, Agricola, Power Grid, Wadi, Chicago Express, Niagara, Railways Of England & Wales, In The Year Of The Dragon (really pleased to see this one getting another play at BM!, very nice but over-looked game), Citadels, Thurn & Taxis, Hey! That’s My Fish!, Medici, Tulipmania 1637, Niagara and loads more too. We need more gamers tweeting their plays.

Aaaand… Mike, who strangely lost Palais Royal despite having such a strong lead, kindly donated some games to the club, including Munchkin and the classic Waddington’s game Escape From Colditz. We’d like to get some more of the old favourites into the club collection, like a good copy of Scrabble. If you have something to donate, please let us know.

Our next meeting is a 1st Wednesday, at The Orgasmic Cafe in York on Wednesday 1st September 2010. See you there!


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