our accounts have been audited

Back in the day, when we started the club over 5 years ago, we took great trouble to keep people informed on the club’s affairs. We had an Annual General Meeting, we asked people to volunteer for the roles and to vote on the nominees. But not only did people not bother or care, some actually made sure they didn’t come to the club meeting when the AGM was on. So we stopped having AGMs.

But we still have the accounts audited by a finance professional (thanks Mike) and we keep the books open if anybody wants to see them. The audit for 2009-10 says that we took in £1,554.38 and we spent £1,676.54 leaving us with £473.99 in the bank and cash. The main spending was £960 on the room hire, £435 on games and £151 on the new cabinet. Mike’s notes finish with the statement “I am more than happy with how the finances are being run”.

Now you know.


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