regular York meet this Saturday 7th August 2010

Our 1st Wednesday meetings at Orgasmic Cafe are building nicely. 11 people this week, including 4 that have never been to the club. Very pleasing, let’s see some more regulars on the next 1st Wednesday. We got plenty played too; Dixit, Dominion, Carson City, Kreta, Reibach & Co (currently issued as Gloria Pickotoria by Zoch), Jamiaca and a bunch more.

Meanwhile, another month, another 1st Saturday! Beyond Monopoly!, Yorkshire’s friendliest boardgame club, meets all day this Saturday 7th August 2010 at the Railway Institute, 22 Queen St, York YO24 1AD, from 10am to 6pm+ (we don’t chuck you out at six).

If this is your first visit, then your first day is FREE! You can come and go as you like, we’re happy to see you whenever you like. For regulars, we charge adults £3, seniors/unwaged/students £2 and juniors £1 (8-12 must be supervised by you). Sorry, no disabled access at the RI, plus we’re up 2 long flights.

To find where we meet, look at this page here. If you’re in town Saturday, just nip in and have look at the games we play. No obligation!

Our new best friend TOBAGO will be in the club, with other great games donated by our chums at Zoch.

TOBAGO from Zoch Verlag

TOBAGO from Zoch Verlag

For food and drink, you can bring your own lunch into BM! if you like, or go out to eat and come back later. We’ve a great pub bar downstairs (you may bring your drinks up to our room), they serve food up to 1:30pm, but the bar closes from 2-6pm, so it’s a good idea to bring a water bottle in as well.

If you haven’t been to the club before, just drop in and have a look. We’re very relaxed, nobody tells you what to play next, but we’re always on hand if you need suggestions. Want to try a game? Just pick the game up, ask around ‘Who wants to play this?’ and then find a free table to start. It’s as easy as that! If you need the game explaining, we’ll have somebody sit with you and show you how it works.

See you on Saturday!


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