at least 440 items in club collection

Our review of the club’s assets continues. We’ve updated the game collection on Geekdo and the result is astounding. We’ve got way more games than we thought. Can you guess how many we think we have? Can you??

Well, here’s the list of the games, and then, here’s the list of expansions. And no doubt we’ve missed the odd item tucked away.

That’s quite a result! We’ve been quoting over 300 games, which is at least 40% too low. Have a look at the lists and pick out what you want to play at the next meeting.

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One thought on “at least 440 items in club collection

  1. Nick Johns says:

    Fantastic! We’ll have to get more varied in what we play… It can be a bit nervewracking suggesting something you haven’t played before (Don’t want to be blamed for a bad game experience!) but with so much to choose from it’s mad not to every now and then.

    On that note, anyone up for a game of Thunderstone next time? 🙂

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