more new games in the club – generous gift from Zoch

Our very kind friends at Zoch have supported BM! for years, with literally boxes of games given each year. Yesterday, a knock at the door and there’s the courier with another box sent by Zoch. More games! Happy days! Thank you Zoch!

Did you know that all Zoch games are published with English rules in the box? Even if you get a copy in Germany, you can play it straight away – the games are always language-free and with a full-colour set of English rules, you can get playing at once.

Stephanie has sent us a much-wanted copy of Tobago, the excellent new deduction game, short-listed for the SdJ (but should have been the winner, methinks). Tobago is a very nice game, very clever and beautifully made. It’s another hot new game that will get lots of plays in the club. You take turns trying to locate various treasures hidden on the tropical island. Each clue that you add to the search will get you part of the treasure. The game is a mix of co-op and competition, deduction and racing. Superb components, the modular board is makes it different every play.

TOBAGO - hot new deduction game from Zoch

TOBAGO - hot new deduction game from Zoch

Next up, Reiner Knizia has upgraded his chickens with Heckmeck Barbecue – it’s more dice-rolling but the chickens get to grill their worms on the barbecue. Excellent wooden pieces (wormeeples!) and a long board instead of the heavy tiles, Heckmeck BBQ has a bit more strategy to it. We’ve also got three, count them, THREE copies of Heckmeck Das Kultspiel. This is the teeny version of Heckmeck in the little mint tins (we should definitely give one to the club chairperson in recognition of…).

Also in the box was Igloo Pop, a children’s game that will challenge adults. Each igloo contains some beads, can you work out how many just by shaking them? Zoch’s children’s games are always high quality and so many are good enough for adults that we play them regardless – Dawn Under, Capt Clever (Robert’s favourite), Los Mampfos, Chateau Roquefort, Alles Tomate. Guess which of them were donated by Zoch over the years?*

Next up, a surprise – 4 colourful little boxes – one each of Zoch’s new memo game Zozzle. It’s a tiny tile game for 2-4 players aged 6+. Nine tiles make up a picture of a cute animal (pony, dolphin, pup and polar bear aaaaww!). You turn up 2 tiles, if they match you keep one and put the other back. Use the one you keep to build your picture, and the first to complete theirs is the winner. With 45 tiles, you can play with 4 players and it’s all in a small box, so one you can take with you on your travels. Very cute!

Lastly, a copy of Salamanca, a Stefan Dorra game and a more serious game than the others. Set in Spain in the 16th century, it’s a harsh time with rats, locusts, plagues and worse of all… TAX COLLECTORS! As Nobles, players try to build up their holdings and nobble the neighbours. It’s a bit aggressive as you try to make the optimal moves, one for the heavier gamers.

Thank you once again Zoch, you’ve always been a great friend to Beyond Monopoly! Thank you Stephanie, for helping us progress yet again.

* Capt Clever was the only one we bought – the rest were donated by Zoch, along with Niagara, Shear Panic, Heckmeck, Sushiwockel, Altimira, Dschamal and more.


One thought on “more new games in the club – generous gift from Zoch

  1. Nick Johns says:

    Igloo Pop!!! yay! Used to play this a few years ago down the Uni pub (I don’t think we were still students though…). Great fun!

    Also looking forwards to playing Tobago again, haven’t had a chance to since I played it at Essen.

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