Carson City

again with the record breaking already!

Our meeting last Saturday was another record – 21 gamers all day was excellent. Typically, by this time of year, we’re down to the low-teens. Getting over 20 people in at the end of July is very satisfying and a good reward for the work we put in promoting the club all over. Keep it up for August and we’ll easily break 800 for the year.

And we had another new visitor on Saturday, who’d seen our item in Localink, the York listings magazine. They’ve been great supporters of the club with regular items on BM!. Now here’s the thing – we always get new people in. Every meeting we have, there’s always a new person at the door*. That shows how much of a spread we have across Yorkshire; there’s always somebody learning about BM! and wanting to come along. After that, it’s up to you to make them feel welcome, so they do come back.

What games did we get through? Thanks to Nick, we got to play Dawn Under, very funny game, very pleased to get that one played. Dixit, the current SdJ winner, was played a few times too, quite tricky to think of phrases that are not too literal. Hacienda, Goa, Richard III: The Wars Of The Roses, Dungeon Lords, TTR Marklin, Citadels, Race For The Galaxy, Ca$h ‘n Gun$, Stephensons Rocket, Queen’s Necklace, Once Upon A Time (both donations from Andrew), Atlantis, Balloon Cup, Trans America, Inkognito: The Card Game, Carson City, Carcassonne, Bananagrams, Forbidden Island (of course), Subulata, Power Boats, and the always popular Puerto Rico. Robert also play-tested his game Beehive. Did we miss anything?

Our next meet is a 1st Wednesday, at Orgasmic Cafe off Coney St, York on 4th August 2010 from 5pm onwards. We’re back in the Railway Institute, Queen Street, York, on the 1st Saturday, 7th August 2010 from 10am – 6pm as usual. See you at both!

* OK, one time, one meeting only in five years, there was nobody new, but come on, that’s just the once in over 120 meets. Gimme a break!


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