let’s buy some games!

Michael has spent a lot of time on the club’s game collection lately. This included an analysis of the games we have against the rankings on Geekdo*. It is very interesting and changes our shopping list significantly.

How do we decide what goes into the club collection?

Partly the club buys games directly or from members, some is donated by members, and the rest comes from game publishers, donating or giving us a big discount. They do this because we take the games out of the club and demo them to the public. Doing these demos is a big part of the club’s work and benefits everyone.

We do make active choices. We ask you what you want, we vet offers, we check what the latest games are and which would be popular in the club. Sometimes, we turn stuff down because it wouldn’t suit us, or just will not get played. We also dispose of surplus games, duplicates and unsuitable items, in different ways, including donating them to groups that will use them.

The club collection is a broad mix of family games, longer strategy games, and quick fillers (card and dice games). The emphasis has been on the eurogames, as these are easier for new players to pick up, but we have plenty of heavier games, like Shogun, Railroad Tycoon and so on. But long games and war games tend to be played sporadically, so we usually don’t buy them for the club but rely on members bringing in their own copies.

On with the analysis already!!

So, the analysis. Firstly, we looked at the top 100 games of all kinds on Geekdo, and compared them with our set. We were very pleased to find that we have 9 out of the top 11 games on Geekdo! And the 2 missing are not really good for the collection (Twilight Struggle and Through The Ages). That is a very good result, and shows that we’re doing the right thing. We have 17 of the top 36, and 35 of the top 100. Clearly there are some gaps. A lot of the top ranking games on Geekdo are longer, heavier, geekier, including many war games, so we won’t be getting them anyway, but we are clearly missing these:

So we will be looking to get these as best we can (if you want to help us out with a donation, please speak up).

Next, we did the same analysis but against the top 100 Family Games on Geekdo. Again, we have 6 of the top 10, and 21 of the top 50 and 12 of the next 50**, which is another great result! We really are showing the best games we can get. (The 3rd game is Crokinole – expensive and we have Pitchcar already). But again there are obvious games missing:

And obviously, some of those games are on the first list too.

What happens next?

We will check some prices, ask for donations and start knocking these off the list. Start looking for these games appearing in the club over the next few weeks. We cannot get everything, but we now have a good hit list to work on.

Thank you, Michael! Excellent work, very useful, thanks!

*Geekdo is the best website for gamers. It is a huge online database, a great friendly community, and it is all free. It has the BGG side for boardgames, the new RPGG side for role-playing games and is opening a VG side for video games this year.

** Actually, there are several duplicates in that top 100 (like multiple versions of Settlers). So we have a better result than 33 of 100, but let’s keep it simple.


2 thoughts on “let’s buy some games!

  1. Melissa says:

    This is the sort of analysis my game collection needs, too! Looks like a great way to round out your already excellent collection. You’ll need more cupboards, though!

  2. ianthecool says:

    Hi. Looking at that first list, I would recommend Small World and Acquire. Small World has a goofy theme and is quite a lot of fun choosing different races, some of which make no sense at all, like Diplomatic Orcs!

    Acquire has been around for almost 50 years. It is a classic which holds up extremely well. We love that game.

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