first 1st Wednesday evening gaming at Orgasmic Café, York

It’s a bar & café. I know, but apparently it’s because they’re “passionate about food and drink”.

We are trying another Wednesday evening session, monthly this time and at a different location in York, upstairs at Orgasmic Café, which is bang next to the City Screen Cinema off Coney Street. Our first meet will be Wednesday 7th July 2010 from 5pm. The venue is free for us, but we suggest you buy food and/or drink to keep them happy (don’t bring your own this time). Bring what you want to play, and what others will likely want to play, but at your own risk. We’re not going to cover any damages, sorry.

The tables are a good size, but not enormous, so don’t expect to play Railroad Tycoon. It’s experimental, but the set-up there looks good for gamers.

Orgasmic Cafe York

The tables at Orgamsic cafe, York

We’ll try this on the 1st Wednesday each month, so it will be a nice, regular evening out. Plus, it’s a great chance for folk that cannot make Saturdays. There will be gamers there from around 5pm on, till as late as you like. You’ll probably find gamers there most Wednesdays. We’ll be promoting the 1st Wednesday each month as a definite event now.

Here are the menus for food and drink (they do regular lagers and so on).

And here’s the location on google.

location of Orgasmic Cafe, York

location of Orgasmic Cafe, York


2 thoughts on “first 1st Wednesday evening gaming at Orgasmic Café, York

  1. Ian Knights says:

    Hi all,
    I’m interested in the wed eves meets. Nice venue + I expect there’ll be new faces since I last BMed. Am skint tho’ so no idea when I can make it.
    Pls note new email address
    Thx + take it easy

    • bmyork says:

      Hello Ian, long time no see! Nice to hear from you again. Note please, it’s only on 1st Wednesdays at the moment, not every Wednesday evening. I’ll update your email so you’ll get reminders now.

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