Big Summer Saturday – 38 gamers a new world record!!

We’ve been running Beyond Monopoly! for five years now. In winter, our numbers rise to over 40, but in summer, naturally they take a dive. Better weather, summer holidays, kids out of school, people have lots of reasons to go elsewhere. But this Saturday we had 38 gamers in BM! all day! That’s a summertime record for us, and very satisfying to see such a big turn out. Thanks for coming along, it was great to see two full rooms.

So many games got played, here’s what we can recall: Le Havre, Dungeon Lords, Citadels, Cyclades, Age Of Industry and Brass, LeCardo, Imperial 2030, Quoridor, Stone Age, El Grande, Settlers Of Catan, Who’s The Ass?, Streetsoccer, Trias, Puerto Rico, Cartagena, Trans America, Thurn & Taxis, Architekton, Marrakech, Ingenious, Word On The Street and Forbidden Island. Lots more, but it was such a busy day…

Forbidden Island was the hit of the day, got played several times and actually drew spectators. Usually, when a game ends, people have a wander around, looking at what the others are playing in a casual way. But when we played Forbidden Island, gamers were stood watching to see how it went! And it went very well, everybody liked it. Very easy to pick up, but surprisingly challenging, especially making sure you all get back to Fool’s Landing and away. Very quick too, I can see Forbidden Island getting a ton of play at BM!.

We also had a heated game of Word On The Street. It’s a great party game, very boisterous, the rules allow you to distract the other team, and that was very funny. One turn we spent too long brainstorming we forgot to grab a word! At the end of the game, the other team tried to pull a fast one, but we had an independent adjudicator who made a fair and balanced decision and so the BEST TEAM WON! Thanks Mike!

We also showed off all the new games we got from the UK Games Expo 2010, including a bundle donated by JKLM Games including Tulipmania 1637 and Chelsea. Ragnor Brothers donated Monastery and the word game LeCardo was from Leo Marshall. It’s a word game using whole words, not spelling, making it very different and quick to play. We’re very pleased to get so many British games in the club collection, nice to see home grown talent on display.

Let’s hope that our numbers stay up in July for a record year. We’re meeting on the 3rd and the 17th, make a date and come join us!


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